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Olympus 1200PSI Portable, Hybrid Vac 1665-4865

Item No. M1200

HydroForce Olympus 1200 -- For Tile & Grout

The HydroForce Olympus 1200 comes with auto fill and auto dump features already added. It also includes a 50-foot fill hose, 50-foot dump hose, 25-foot vac & pressure hose and a Hydro-Filter.

Designed specifically for tile and grout cleaning, the 1200 provides 1200 psi of water pressure for tackling the worst grout grunge. It has two vac motors: one 2-stage and one 3-stage. Weighs 141 lbs.

Wand not included.

Remember: Portable extractors don't use gas. Save yourself some money and use a portable whenever you don't really need the power of your truckmount.

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