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Hydro-Force - Cleaning & Restoration Wholesale Supply

Hydro-Force was born in 1974, in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was started by three brothers: Rob, Gordon, and Dave Hanks, who owned and operated a cleaning company for many years. Like most innovators, they started down the entrepreneurial path by trying to solve their own problems. The first major problem they solved was how to significantly shorten carpet cleaning times by developing a sprayer that didn’t involve multiple trips to the sink to fill the tank, and then hundreds of pumps to keep them pressurized. Their solution was the Hydro-Force Injection Sprayer. Decades later (with many updates and improvements) it’s still the most used and highest quality injection sprayer in the professional carpet cleaning industry.

From humble roots the Hydro-Force brand has become one of the largest carpet cleaning product brands in the world. The Hydro-Force product line is comprised of hundreds of products now, and can be found in use by carpet cleaners across the globe. We’re proud of our quality legacy, and are grateful for the customers that supported us along the way.

Hydro-Force is a premier cleaning brand owned by Aramsco, Inc. a distributor to a broad range of industries including concrete surface preparation, environmental remediation, building restoration, janitorial supplies, professional cleaning, and stone fabrication.

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